Australia’s Sophisticated Digital Menu Boards

Equip your business with an innovative advertising solution. Discover the power of digital menu boards with 115 Solutions and give your restaurant or café a modern touch. Restaurateurs throughout Australia are embracing electronic menu boards and the trend is growing in establishments of all sizes.

Electronic menu boards give businesses big and small the versatility to change their display quickly and easily. This flexibility makes our solutions great for businesses that switch for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are also perfect for professionally showcasing ever-changing daily specials and other promotions. This ease of modification saves time and money on rewriting and printing.

Take our business into the digital age

The included software allows for the creation of eye-catching displays and graphics, providing a great marketing opportunity to give your customers a memorable brand experience. Your business can replace static images with dynamic pictures and slideshows, creating interest and increasing brand visibility.

Above: 115 Solutions has installed Pie Face's first Digital Menu Board at their Sydney International Airport location.

Above: 115 is contracted as the main installers for many nationally recognized brands. There are currently 260 stores with a digital system to entice the customers, while allow our clients head office to change the POS advertising in real time and also to display specials as they are made up. The Screens are used to inform customers of special deals, new products sold in store and for information such as pre-ordering using your Mobile Apps. The system is connected to the Network and all content is sent to the Computer from Head Office which also manages any equipment failures and sends out technicians to make repairs.

Who we have helped

Freedom Fuels contracted 115 Solutions to install electronic menu board systems in about 20 Queensland Freedom Fuel sites. These systems allow the site to make changes to their menu offerings, add pictures of the meals and amend prices as required. Further, the owner can put up specials for the day and also allows for day-parting to allow for breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings.

Sydney Aquarium also contracted 115 Solutions to update their old acrylic menu system and you can see the difference that the bright screens make.

We have a long list of satisfied clients across Australia, each turning to 115 Solutions for the very best in electronic digital menu boards. Visit our Brag Page to view recent projects by 115 Solutions. For more information on our other products, including digital signage and wayfinding signage, take a look at our provided links.

How can we help you today?

Talk to the experts here at 115 Solutions and find out more about how we can transform your tired displays into exciting digital menus. Regardless of where in Australia you are located, call us on 1300 661 888 and speak with our helpful and friendly staff. We can tailor the ideal solution, helping give your establishment a modern lift and improve your customers’ experience.